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When does Love Grow by Itself Tifa Tour Medan

Once again, i am writing about l.o.v.e . I don’t know why, Maybe I’m in love now? Hahaha..
Just write what i feel and what i wanna tell you all. Just when does Love grow by itself? Ridiculous question or not? Maybe not like common question, such as, why do you love me? will you marry me? or do you love me.

One more question, where does love come? Okay, you may say from eyes and then heart. I think than aswer is no wrong. So the question has an answer, has not it? Mostly, people fell in love with their pairs whom they met somewhere, sometime. Special condition, if a man didn’t know about his bride well, but he still married her. How did it happen?

In Islam, Moeslim must believe that all kindness are given by Allah SWT. Love is one of Allah’s Kindness that every creatures has. But, the long last time and endless is just Allah’s love. If you love Allah more than anything, like parents, family, children, and wealth, it means you’ve already got all you want.

When does love grow by itself? I, myself, believe that if we love others because Allah, automatically the love will grow. It makes sense, when a man married woman who they don’t know each other can live happily, because they love Allah in the first place. Allah makes their loves grow. Laa haulaa wa laa quwwata illaa billah..

For you, who still not meet your partner, include me, don’t worry, just be happy because we still have Allah’s love, and that means everything, the most valuable thing in our lifes 🙂